Functional Nutrition for Mental Health

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is an integrative, systems-oriented approach that considers the impact of diet and lifestyle on overall health.  This practice focuses on food, sleep, lifestyle, stress management, mind-body considerations, genetic factors, environment, and potential root cause issues. All of these factors have a significant influence on wellness and can be optimized specifically to support mental health. In this approach, food is more than a source of fuel and pleasure. It can be leveraged as a tool to address imbalances and build ongoing physical, mental, and emotional health. This is an optional service that is available as part of your counseling therapy.  Not everyone wants or needs to incorporate a functional nutrition plan, but it can be an effective support tool when talk therapy alone is not enough to access desired results.

How Nutrition Impacts Mental Health

There are many factors that influence mental health including genetic predisposition, environment, developmental history, family and social contexts, life experiences, chronic stressors, and lifestyle. An often-overlooked factor that can impact or exacerbate mental health functioning is nutrition. When this is out of balance or deficient, the systems of the body can work less efficiently, including systems involved in cognitive and emotional regulation. Nutrients in the foods we eat directly modulate a range of different physical processes including brain functioning, hormones, mood regulation, and energy levels. In the psychotherapy world, a lot of emphasis is placed on a one-directional view of how thoughts and emotions impact physical health. However, the systems of the body are fully bi-directional. Therefore, it is also important to consider how our physiology and current state of physical health directly impacts our thoughts and emotions. Mental health is not cut off from the rest of the body. It is interconnected with physical health, and it can be optimized and supported by restoring the body’s balance.  

Functional Nutrition

Optimize the Mind through the Body

Accelerate the Psychotherapy Process

A functional nutrition assessment can be included as part of your psychotherapy process. The potential for change is magnified when counseling is paired with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan. Based on your needs, your practitioner can work with you to boost mental and emotional wellbeing, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and reduce stress. Trying to address mental health challenges without addressing the wellness of the body can be like swimming upstream against a current while still being pushed backwards. Each individual has unique needs for optimal wellbeing, so a customized approach is central. Transformation takes time, commitment, and effort. This is an optional service with psychotherapy, but if you are motivated to take action to implement dietary and lifestyle changes, a functional nutrition plan can enhance your overall therapy progress. Your practitioner will work with you collaboratively to upgrade your mind-body wellness and bring your inner wellspring to life!

Personalize Your Nutrition Based on Genetics

3x4 Nutrigenomic Testing

Personalized strategies can be taken to the next level with nutrigenomic testing. We can order the 3×4 genetic test for you as an add-on option. This a powerful wellness tool that looks at epigenetics as a map for decoding your unique nutritional and lifestyle needs.  Although this test isn’t necessary for a functional nutrition plan, it does provide a deeper picture for considering a highly customized, functional nutrition approach. 

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