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From the outside-looking-in your life seems to be thriving, but internally you’ve been struggling through stress and challenges. You may be carrying the burden of difficult emotions, grief, relational conflicts, trauma, or distress that few seem to understand. For too long, you’ve pushed through without meaningful support. Even though you might be putting everyone else’s needs above your own, you are now ready to take care of yourself. If you are ready to address relationship issues, set healthy boundaries, find meaningful healing, and break the people-pleasing patterns that keep you feeling unheard and unseen, I’m here to support you. If you’re ready to quiet the inner critic, communicate authentically, experience new possibilities, cultivate more peace of mind, and move into desired growth and change, I can help. I offer counseling therapy that welcomes you in your uniqueness.  

Imagine a safe, non-judgmental space where you can work through difficulties in the company of a skilled listener. Counseling therapy is an opportunity to realize your deepest needs, explore your relationships, root out old self-limiting beliefs, and honor the profound wisdom of your emotions. In addition to addressing problems, it is also important to develop and expand on your own internal resources and desired states of being. I serve as a mirror and facilitator along your healing journey. My counseling approach is experiential, and integrative. I work with an understanding of how and why the brain changes through psychotherapy. We will work together to support a healing brain state that can lead to tangible change. Additionally, I hold a holistic lens that takes the whole person into consideration. Mental health is an integral part of the whole body, not just a product of what happens in the mind. Depending on your needs, incorporating multiple approaches may be helpful. You are most likely here because you are tired of suffering alone. If you’re ready to transform what no longer serves you and to tap into the inner wellspring of healing that exists inside of you, I offer counseling services in-person in San Luis Obispo, or online by telehealth anywhere in California.

Integrative Therapy for Mental Health


Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Anxiety, trauma, depression, grief, relationships, stress management and more....



Release Blockages, Access Your Healing Resources, & Expand Your Potential
Counseling in San Luis Obispo

HeartMath Interventions

HeartMath Interventions

Improve Mental / Emotional Balance Through Heart Rate Variability Training.

Supporting Your Pathway to Wellness

Finding the Right Therapist

Choosing the right support for your counseling needs is an important step. Therapists have different specialties, and styles of practice, They also have unique personalities, varying degrees of engagement, and different qualities of presence.  Each person seeking therapy will have preferences in terms of what type of therapist is most impactful for them.  You may not resonate with every counselor or therapy style. Let’s talk about what you need and get a preliminary sense of rapport before you invest in a session. I offer a 15-minute phone consultation to explore if this is good fit for you. 


Phone Consultation & Online Appointment Scheduling

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Tap Into Your Inner Wellspring

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