HeartMath Clinical Interventions

Support Mental Health by Improving Heart Rate Variability

The HeartMath approach utilizes technology to measure and provide real-time feedback on your heart rate variability (HRV). This is the subtle beat-to beat changes in your heart rate that occur every moment.  The program is based on extensive research that shows how stress and emotional states affect HRV. For example, anxiety and frustration cause HRV to become more disordered.  In contrast, feelings of love and appreciation generate a more ordered and coherent HRV.  The nervous system is directly impacted by what we are feeling. This affects your heart rate pattern which in turn, influences brain functioning.

The HeartMath program reveals your personal level of HRV coherence. Breathwork and mental/emotional techniques are then applied to bring your HRV into a higher level of coherence.  Higher coherence equals better nervous system regulation, enhanced brain functioning, increased problem-solving capacity, and improved memory recall.  HeartMath empowers you to recreate the effect on your own so that you can bring this powerful tool into your daily life to help transform stress and increase performance.

With regular practice, you can learn how to shift into coherence anytime you are encountering difficult situations that would normally be emotionally draining.  As your HRV improves, you will also see and experience tangible changes that coincide with a more balanced mental / emotional state. Results may include: Improved emotional well-being, mental clarity, intuition, performance, energy, and creativity, along with reduced stress and anxiety.  HeartMath Clinical Interventions can be added to your regular psychotherapy sessions in order to uplevel your progress. This is simple but powerful way to optimize the mind through the body.  

Enhance Your Pathway to Wellness with HeartMath

HeartMath Clinical Interventions
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